Corona Diamonds

Palladium: Pure White™
After extensive experimentation and research, Corona Jewellery introduced 18KPd PureWhite™ in 2005. ”PureWhite™ is a new form of 18 karat white gold that uses palladium, one of the platinum group metals, as a whitening alloy.

Palladium has been used as a jewellery metal off and on for decades – it was first used for jewellery when platinum was declared a strategic metal and reserved for military use in 1939. In 2005, companies began to rediscover palladium as an ideal substitute for nickel in white gold. Until recently white gold contained nickel, which accounted for its bright white color. But nickel is a proven allergen, and has been banned for use in jewellery in many countries.

Palladium is the perfect alloy for white gold because, as one of the four platinum group metals, it has the purity of platinum and an even whiter color. Unlike nickel, palladium is hypoallergenic. It is naturally silver-white, without the need for any other whitening alloy. It is malleable and therefore easy to work with, and lightweight by comparison to platinum (palladium is 44% lighter than platinum). This makes it highly wearable. Best of all, palladium makes gold more durable, which means stronger settings and greater scratch resistance.